Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Serving various industries

High Power LED Lighting & Industrial Applications

The majority of LED PCBs we produce include some form of Metal PCBs. Due to the incredible ability to dissipate heat, Metal PCBs have become the new PCBs of choice within the LED lighting industry.


The automotive industry requires high reliability, and long life service at an extremely competitive rate. We provide printed circuit boards that offer a wide range of materials, composites, and construction, that perform well in the rigors of the automotive world. We produce LED lighting PCBs, display PCBs, circuits for engines and various electronic components such as automotive lighting systems.


The medical field requires a vast level of technology with extreme reliability and long term life cycles. We produce custom boards, such as Ultrasound PCBs, that ensure your medical equipment work flawlessly.


The telecom industry requires a wide range of printed circuits, driving devices in stable office environments to extreme outdoor weather conditions. The telecom sector consists of land wired communication systems, wireless systems, mass storage systems, digital and analog broadcasting systems, cell phone tower systems, and mobile communication systems.

Consumer Electronics

We provide PCBs for a variety of electronic equipment, from smartphones to kitchen appliances. We are able to meet the requirements of the most complex of equipment, including industrial-grade specifications.

New Energy

Our PCBs support various applications within the energy industry. Our products are manufactured to meet the exacting requirements needed for such new technology applications and to propel new concepts and innovation forward